What is Barcode Registration?

Barcode registration is an optional service that we offer to increase the internet profile of your product generally. This service is completely optional and is not required for any barcode numbers as there is no central database for barcodes. However, there are several advantages to registering your barcodes online.

Barcode registration is included free with our EAN-13 (and UPC) barcodes.

  1. Barcode registration helps with some cell phone app scanners (such as the Zebra app) so that when the product barcode is scanned, the product information will appear. Click here for more information on barcode scanning apps.
  2. Barcode registration will increase the product’s internet profile so that when the barcode is searched for on Google or another search engine, the product information will appear.
  3. If a barcode is registered on internet databases, it can dissuade people from using the barcode number illegally on sites like Amazon. If a quick internet search tells the person that that barcode number is in use, they will be much less likely to use the barcode. While people cannot legally use legitimately sold barcode numbers, it is an extra hassle for the barcode number’s legal owner to follow this up if they are being used illegally. This can be easily avoided with barcode registration.